Hair loss can severely affect a woman’s emotional well-being and quality of life. Just because you’re losing hair doesn’t mean that you have to live with balding or thinning hair. Less than 45% of women actually reach the age of 80 with a full head of hair. Hair loss is common, but there are solutions. Keep reading as we explain common causes and treatment options for female pattern hair loss.

What Causes Female Pattern Hair Loss?

There are many causes of hair loss, including medical conditions, medications, physical or emotional stress. If you are noticing unusual hair loss of any kind, it’s important to consult with your dermatologist or primary care physician to determine the cause of your hair loss.

A dermatologist can tell you whether it’s female pattern hair loss or something else that is causing your hair loss. Here are just a few possible causes of female pattern hair loss:

  • Hereditary ( Genes can be inherited from your mother, father, or both)
  • Hormonal Causes
  • Menopause


How Can I Tell If I Have Female Pattern Hair Loss?

If you believe that you’re suffering from female pattern baldness, consult with your primary care physician or dermatologist  to confirm which type of hair loss you have and discuss appropriate treatment options. Clinicians and hair replacement specialist use Ludwig Classification to describe the severity of female pattern hair loss.

  • TYPE I: This phase of hair loss shows minimal thinning that can be easily camouflaged with hair styling techniques.
  • TYPE II: This type is characterized by decreased volume and noticeable widening of the mid-line part.
  • TYPE III:  This stage shows the diffuse thinning, with a see-through appearance on the top of the scalp.

Female Pattern Hair Loss Treatment Options

Medications are common methods for treating female pattern hair loss. Minoxidil is the
most-recommended treatment option for Female Pattern Hair Loss  and is widely used to treat hair loss or prevent it from worsening.

Minoxidil ( Rogaine)

Minoxidil was first introduced as a treatment for high blood pressure. Research confirms that a 2% solution of Minoxidil applied directly to the scalp stimulates hair growth.  As a result of various studies, over the counter,  2% Minoxidil is FDA- approved for treating androgenetic alopecia in Women. While Minoxidil has the ability the produce new growth, it can’t fully restore the density of lost hair. If you’re considering Minoxidil for Female Pattern Hair Loss you will need to use it continuously for 1 year before you know how well it will work for you. If Minoxidil works for you, you’ll need to keep using to maintain your results.

In some cases, women found that the effects of the Minoxidil cause scalp irritation due to the alcohol in this drug to facilitate drying. Minoxidil 5% solution, when used in the foam instead of the liquid, has been known to cause less irritation to some users. The 5% version comes in a foam and is available for both men and women.

 Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Solutions

Non-surgical hair replacement involves using non-surgical methods to reverse the appearance of  baldness and thinning hair. There are a number of different hair replacement options to choose from.

The most common methods includes the following:

  • Medication
  • Hair Systems
  • Low-Level Laser Therapy
  • Supplements
  • Hair Loss Shampoos
  • Extracts and Oils
  • Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems
    (Virtual Reality or 
    Virtuesse Hair Replacement Systems)

What Are Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems?

Virtuesse is an innovative non-surgical hair replacement procedure, which reverses the signs of thinning hair and baldness. With Virtuesse you can have a full head of beautiful natural looking hair within your first session. This innovative cosmetic hair restoration technology manages to transform and address everything from thinning hair and the appearance of chemical damage.

Advantages of Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems includes:

  • No recovery time needed
  • Instant Results
  • Initial lower costs than surgery
  • No pain or discomfort
  • Beautiful Natural looking Hair within your first session

Say Goodbye to your hair loss worries and Transform Your Life
With Non-Surgical Hair Replacements

Now that you know that there are a number of different hair replacement options out there to choose from, schedule a free confidential hair evaluation with our experts to see if you’re a viable candidate for non-surgical hair replacement. Don’t wait another day, contact us today to request a free consultation.

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