With autumn officially here, hair experts everywhere are welcoming the season with a bright new look. Fall is, in fact, an ideal time to experiment with sharper cuts. Thus, you can expect to see these polished and structured hair trends this season:

The Midi-Cut
This collarbone length cut sits somewhere between short and long. Its hair length, in fact, is easy to style but still long enough to tie back.  
One of the midi-cuts you can go for this season is the lob. Individuals with thinner hair can opt for a blunt-ended lob as this creates the illusion of thickness. People with thicker curlier hair, on the other hand, can hold their hair down and help create definition and movement by adding finer layers at the end of their lob.
Razored Rapunzel
Individuals sporting this type of cut will have hair that’s long, below the waist, and has thinned, razored ends. This cut is suitable for heart-shaped or round faces as well as for square jawlines as it disguises and elongates hard lines.
People looking to style their hair by adapting the Razored Rapunzel should add mousse to their hair for texture and hold, and then loosely braid it into four sections. They then divide each section across the crown of their hair, from center front and back, and from ear to ear. Lastly, they should let their hair dry and release.
Soft Layers
If you have curly and wavy hair and require a cut that can best highlight your luscious waves, attaching soft layers is the way to go. Inserting these layers at varying lengths will help create movement and texture throughout your hair and showcase your natural waves.
People with medium to long straight hair, on the other hand, can add layers from the chin down so they can easily update their look for autumn. Additionally, those with very long locks can add subtle layers. The layers not only create some movement depth but also gives individuals the opportunity to show off their Goldilocks hair.

Boxed Bob
This one-length bob features a square bang and sits above the shoulders. This cut works well with all hair types that are comfortable with styling to keep it sleek.
Individuals who want a boxed bob should ideally style their hair straight. They have the option, however, to style their hair with a soft wave that’s close to the head. They can accomplish this by using a sturdy flat iron and a smoothing cream.
The Multi-Length Pixie Cut
This hair trend is ideal for individuals with fine hair. People who already have a pixie cut can update their look for fall by attaching layers to the ends of the cut for an edgier appearance.
If you have a slightly grown out Pixie Cut, you can use a styling spray to style and texture your hair. This will form a natural wave that will update your look.
At Tony’s Hair Replacement Systems, we offer the most innovative technologies of non-surgical hair replacement so you can have a head full of hair. It will allow you to style your hair any way you please so you can follow this season’s hair trends. We will use the Derma Lens application to resolve your hair loss to give you the appearance you’ve always wanted.
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