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We are here to help and transform your life with a bit more confidence and security. Since 1976, we have been the premier provider of hair replacement systems in South Carolina.

We understand how a positive outlook on life can influence your success. Countless studies have proven how hair plays an important role in the way you feel about yourself. Many people struggle with hair loss and allow the problem to persist without searching for solutions, anticipating surgery as the only way to go.

With our extensive years of experience and innovative, non-surgical hair replacement methods, we are the only certified Virtual Reality Concept studio to offer removable and non-removable systems for both men and women.


Allow us to help you regain your confidence with our Virtual Reality and Virtuésse. We offer FREE consultations, and a full line of services, products, and supplies. From hair coloring, repairs, hair-adds, and our Derma Lens application, we provide nothing but satisfaction.

Our knowledgeable consultants undergo training to provide you with both innovative, non-surgical hair replacement and traditional hair replacement treatments. By the end of your first session, you will enjoy a full head of natural hair. Feel free to style it any way you want and embrace a confident lifestyle once again.

Don’t let hair loss hold you back from choosing the look you want. Visit us at 2719 Middleburg Drive, Suite 106, Columbia, SC 29204 – a private professional park, a comfortable atmosphere where you can feel safe and secure. Contact us today to schedule your free discreet, confidential consultation.


We provide hassle-free and non-surgical hair restoration technologies that look natural and abundant. For that high-fashion look in hair restoration, we offer Virtuésse, a hassle-free and stress-free hair loss solution for women that is surely worth it.

Schedule a free consultation with our team of experts and rediscover the radiant confidence you once had with a full head of hair.




Embrace styling innovation with the Natural Advantage™ Hair Care Line and revive your youthful glow. Like natural hair, your hair replacement unit needs to stay moisturized, as well. Repair dry and unhealthy hair with this daily hair-care treatment that utilizes a careful selection of ingredients rich in nutrients, such as argan oil, keratin, and collagen.

Hair loss is now a thing of the past with our innovative hair restoration solutions.Virtual Reality is a cosmetic hair restoration technique that uses Derma Lens, an invisible and non-surgical technology, which naturally revives your youthful looks.
Comparable to real hair, all you need to maintain your hair unit is shampoo, conditioner, and some suave styling. Regaining your sense of self, confidence, vigor, and vitality has never been this easy.




We have a team of consultants who immerse themselves in knowledge-building to address various hair loss problems. As the only certified Virtual Reality Concept Studio in Columbia, South Carolina, we provide you with the look you have always wanted and improve your self-esteem so you can maximize your lifestyle.

We offer the latest in non-surgical hair replacement technologies with our Derma Lens application for both men and women. Endorsed by Hollywood and recognized by international media, Virtual Reality and Virtuésse exist to provide solutions to all your problems.Why live with insecurity, shyness, anxiety, and stress? By the end of your first session, you’ll surely relish the feeling of having a full head of natural hair, one that allows styling, coloring, and other add-ons. Restore your hair and regain your confidence and self-esteem.

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After more than four decades, Tony’s Hair Replacement Systems continues to service clients seeking to revitalize their lives through our high-fashion and innovative hair restoration technologies.Our consultants regularly train, study, and strive for greatness in providing innovative technologies for non-surgical hair replacement. We want people to realize that it doesn’t take a bunch of costly, cosmetic surgical procedures to achieve a desirable appearance and a Hollywood lifestyle.Maybe all you need is to sit down with one of our consultants.

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