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Solutions for Women

Women’s hair loss is a little-discussed condition that causes untold pain and anguish. Up until now, hair loss solutions have been limited to low-quality, hair extensions or hair add-ons. That’s why we are happy to re-introduce Virtuésse Hair Replacement for Women.

Rather it is an innovative, state-of-the-art hair replacement system that is specifically designed to address the unique challenges of female hair loss from the aspect of artistically, technically advanced and emotional standpoint.

A Personalized Non-Surgical Hair Replacement System For Women.

Virtuésse is one of the most natural-looking hair replacement systems available to women facing all stages and types of hair loss. Non-surgical hair replacement systems exceed the flexibility, comfort and natural-looking hair replacement options.

Best of all, you can experience the same coverage of your scalp as you had before you started experiencing female hair loss and thinning hair. No one will ever know that it’s not 6 your own hair growing out of your scalp. The possibilities are endless with Virtuesse, here are some:

  • Guarantees significant increase in overall hair density
  • Undetectable in any activity
  • Beautiful, light-weight and natural-looking like hair growing out of your scalp.
  • A solution for all stages of women’s hair loss or thinning hair.
  • Reveals your scalp just like your natural hair.
  • Reconstructs your natural hairline while remaining undetectable.
Rae Allen’s Story:


My Hair looks and feels great! I have never had a disappointing moment from Jessica, as I have always put my hair in their hands. I have had years of compliments on my hair styles. Jessica is worth the drive and time for me.

Non-Invasive Hair Replacement Solution For Women

Virtuésse is a tasteful alternative to hair extensions and wigs, hairpieces, and hair integrations. The secret lies in the two key components:

  • Micro-thin transparent membrane known as derma lens that is thin as a contact lens that is applied to the surface of the scalp.
  • Each strand of hair is strategically placed to give the flawless experience for natural growth pattern, trajectory, and motion of your growing hair. You can have as much density as you desire or as much hair as you want, all extending from your scalp just like your real hair.

What Makes Virtuésse Better Than Other Alternatives?

You never have to worry, whether or not it will look the way it should.

Virtuesse was created specifically for women experiencing female hair loss or thinning hair. This personalized hair restoration option guarantees a significant increase in hair density and coverage.

You’ll see fabulous and undetectable results instantly without surgery, scarring, discomfort or inconvenience of trial and error. One of the amazing aspects of this process is that you can gradually make modifications to your look so that others won’t notice.

The Virtuésse hair system is among those hair restoration solutions that can only be delivered by individuals trained and certified specialists. Its application requires careful attention to intricate details and a trained eye for the artistry of hair replacement.

Free Confidential, Hair Loss Evaluation

We invite you to schedule your free, confidential hair loss replacement consultation today. Meet with a trained Virtuésse hair replacement professional and explore tailored hair replacement options to fit your unique situation and lifestyle.

We provide you with complete information regarding specific treatment and hair replacement options available for every stage of your hair loss journey. Our non-surgical hair replacement solutions are designed to work for you whether you are experiencing hair loss or are in the most advanced stages of hair loss.

We take pride in giving you the freedom to tackle hair loss on your own terms. With our personalized non-surgical hair replacement solutions, there is no reason to continue to suffer from hair loss, thinning hair or baldness any longer. With our women’s hair replacement solutions, you won’t need a time machine or cosmetic procedures just so you can look the way you did five, ten, or twenty years ago. You can get back your youthful appearance or have a brand-new look by choosing Virtuésse by Tony HRS. Contact us for a consultation, and you’ll also get a complimentary hair and scalp analysis from our image consultants.

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