The reality is that with early detection and strategy there is no reason to avoid seeking solutions
to address your hair loss concerns. Contact us for details

Hair loss is something that happens at some point in our lives. It is normal to lose about 50-100
strands on a daily base. Millions of people experience an issue with excessive hair loss, some
may require treatment. In the United States alone, 35 million men and 12 million women suffer
from hair loss. The reality is that there a slim chance of keeping the same full head of hair
throughout your entire lifetime.
We cling on to the idea that hair loss or thinning hair won’t happen to us. For many of us, the
early signs of thinning hair and hair loss are either dismissed or overlooked.
That is until there is a defining moment when you realized that you definitely have a hair loss
Most would like to believe that middle- to older age men are more likely to suffer from hair loss.
However, despite what you may think, 25% of men suffering from male-pattern hair loss begin
the process before they reach the age of twenty-one. The harsh reality is that regardless of age
or sex no one is exempt from hair loss.
Despite these alarming facts, the best thing that you can do is be proactive and intentional with
treating and addressing your hair loss or thinning hair concerns. Early detection is the best
course of action for diagnosing and addressing your hair loss worries and concerns.
What Are The Early Signs of Hair Loss?
The common signs of hair loss can vary among men, women, and children. However, what is
certain is that regardless of age or sex anyone can experience hair loss at some point in their
lives. Here are the most common signs of male pattern baldness.
● Thinning hair on the scalp
● A receding hairline
● A horseshoe-shaped pattern that leaves the crown of the head exposed
The good news is that with early detection and strategy, hair loss concerns can be treated and
addressed with non-surgical hair replacement systems and treatment. Here are some additional
signs that men of all ages should be aware of:
● Your hair doesn’t hold it’s signature style anymore
● Notice A Minor Receding Hairline
● Less hair in the Crown Area
● Notice that your scalp is more prone to sunburn
With the progression of thinning hair, you will most likely find that it takes longer and longer to
style your hair or get it just right. You find it more difficult to maintain your favorite hairstyle, this
is most likely an indication that you’re losing more hair than you realize. Consider styling tips for
men with thinning hair.
You might notice that your temples appear thinner than the rest of your head. While this may not
seem like a big deal at first, leaving your receding hairline unchecked can ultimately progress
into a much more noticeable M-shape pattern in the hair. To learn more about spotting the
different patterns and variations for men’s hair loss, have a look at the Norwood Scale. Other
signs may include less hair in the crown area and beginning to notice that your scalp begins to
be more prone to sunburn, due to the exposed scalp to sun exposure.
What Hair Loss Specialist Should I See First?
If you are noticing the unusual onset of hair loss, you should see your primary care physician or
dermatologist. Your primary doctor may provide valuable insight into the cause of your hair loss,
as well as refer you to a dermatologist or appropriate professional that specializes in the cause
of your particular type of hair loss ( endocrinologist for hormonal hair loss).
When you first notice thinning hair, it’s time to act. Find out the cause of your hair loss and
explore your treatment options and alternatives.
Once you have consulted with your primary physician and or specialist and ruled out any
underlying medical issues. An initial consultation with an image consultant or non-surgical hair
replacement specialist will help you discover what type of hair system will work best for your
needs, lifestyle and unique hair loss situation.
Expectations & Reality With Personalized Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems
The reality of non-surgical hair replacement systems with Tony’s HRS is that you can have a
whole new head of natural looking hair within your first session. With so many advancements in
the hair replacement industry, having the hair you always wanted is accessible and obtainable.
So before you go under the knife, remember that you have other options with non-surgical hair
replacement solutions and systems. The advantages of non-surgical hair replacement are
● Non-invasive, no recovery time needed
● Results are seen instantly
● Cost-effective, initial lowers costs
● No pain, or discomfort
● No risk of infection or scarring
● Immediately resume to your daily life and active lifestyle
● Achieve a discreet and natural look of hair growing out of your scalp
Now that you know the signs and best practices for early detection, there is no reason to avoid
seeking a solution to address your hair loss concerns. Remember, before you go under the
knife, you have other options. Contact us today to find out if you’re viable for non-surgical hair
replacement systems. Put an end to your hair loss anxiety and live life without constraints and
little more confidence and security. We’ll ensure your new head of hair is a cut above the rest.

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