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Solutions for Men

A little more hair can make a difference in how you, and others, see you, think of you, even treat you. Tony’s Hair Replacement Systems offers non-surgical hair replacement solutions for men and women who want to break free of the emotional and mental stress that comes with pattern baldness.

The Virtual Reality Men’s Hair Replacement system is a perfect marriage of innovation and artistry of hair replacement. The Virtual reality system is a uniquely thin, flexible, second skin like material called a dermal lens. The base is literally undetectable to the human touch. This high-fashion, non-surgical technique has been endorsed by major media internationally

  • Non-invasive procedure
  • No waiting or recovery period necessary
  • Freedom to customize your hair color, length, and style
  • Ultra-thin base adheres with no ridges or lumps
  • Little to none home maintenance at all
  • Literally undetectable to the human touch.
  • A network of Virtual Reality Studios all over the country

Custom Virtual Reality Hair Replacement for Men

Virtual Reality is a hassle-free, cosmetic hair restoration technique that allows a more youthful appearance. No other home maintenance is needed other than the usual routine of shampooing, conditioning, and styling. It’s your hair, after all, not some hairpiece to wear

This system is ideal for men with active lifestyles, you swim, sweat, golf, camp and look and feel great in any activity. Virtual Reality is virtually undetectable even to those closest to you.

We use 100% real human hair and Dermal Lens systems, which is a transparent thin membrane similar to a contact lens to cover your bare scalp like a second skin. Our specialists implant the hair system according to your natural hair growth pattern. We can provide you with a full head of hair that is consistent with your natural hair – in any color, density, curl pattern, and texture. You’ll get a full head of hair you always dreamed about.

Marcus Presley’s Story:

“I´m quite happy to know that the hair that I have for this year its strong and haven’t falled. I also want to tell you that I have noticed that my scalp is not shinny anymore, or greasy. I also noticed that if I pull my hair , they will not come out as they did before. I´m happy , and for all the people that looks at this web site, I do recommend the exercise. Thank You.”

What Can Tony’s HRS Do for You?

Our hair replacement systems address men’s hair loss in a painless, non-invasive way. We have specialists who create high-quality hair systems for every stage of alopecia or male pattern baldness.

Why choose Virtual Reality Hair Replacement?

  • No waiting or recovery period necessary
  • Get a full head of healthy hair without feeling any pain Achieve the same (if not better) results without surgery
  • Have the freedom to customize hair color, length, density, and style
  • Reconstructs your natural hairline while remaining undetectable.

Our Hair Replacement Services

Hair and Scalp Analysis

Start off on the right track with our hair and scalp analysis. It’s what sets us apart from your typical stores that sell wigs and toupees. We find out which stage of hair loss you’re at so we can design a hair system that fits your needs. Some of the details we look into are growth patterns, follicle width, texture, and color.

Unit Customization and Fitting

You’ll walk out of our clinic with a perfectly-fitting hair system that looks natural from all angles. We take special care in customizing your hair system so you’ll feel comfortable wearing it. Furthermore, our image consultants will show you how to style your new hair so that it flatters your facial features.


Get a hair system that matches the color of your remaining hair perfectly. Coloring hair systems and making them look organic is one of our specialties. Should you feel adventurous and want to try a different hair color along with your new hair, we can also help you find another flattering shade to try.


Do you have hair and just need to add more volume or cover thinning spots? Hair-adds might work for you. Allow us to add volume to your existing hair and cover the thinning spots; it will look as though you never had male pattern baldness or thinning hair, to begin with. Our hair-adds are also available to customers who might want a new hairstyle for their current hair system unit.


Virtual Reality hair systems are built to last, but should yours need repairs and touch-ups, Tony HRS will be happy to provide service and repairs. We deal with all kinds of hair system problems, like tangling and color fading. By entrusting your unit to our specialist, you save it from further damage that could result from inexperienced handling of Virtual Reality hair systems.

With our hair replacement solutions, you won’t need a time machine or cosmetic procedures just so you can look the way you did five, ten, or twenty years ago. You can get back your youthful appearance or have a brand-new look by choosing Virtual Reality by Tony HRS. Contact us for a consultation, and you’ll also get a complimentary hair and scalp analysis from our image consultants.

Hair Specialists

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Image Consultant

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