Hair loss or thinning hair can be utterly devastating to your self- image and emotional well being. Although hair loss is quite a normal occurrence in both aging men and women, any sign of balding before the age of 30 stirs unease.  Fortunately, treatments and proven non-surgical hair replacement solutions exist. In this article, we are going to share hairstyles for thinning hair that you can wear with confidence this Holiday season.

The Wavy Lob:
Women with thinning hair can transform their look this holiday season with a Wavy Lob.
The Lob is easy to maintain and gives the illusion of thicker hair. To maintain this look you will need to use texturizing spray throughout your hair to add volume, density and texture. You can achieve the wavy texture either by using your hands to scrunch your hair while wet or simply use a curling wand while it’s dry. Complete the look with volumizing hair-spray and use your fingers to displace the curls for a messier disheveled look.

Bob With Side Part:
Women with thinning hair, by all means, should avoid the deep-center hair part. Regardless of what style you are wearing, the key is to add subtle layers, volume, dimension and explore cuts that give the illusion of thicker hair. However, avoid going overboard about adding layers, as this can give the opposite effect.

The Pixie Cut:
The Pixie cut is ideal for women with fine hair. If you already have a pixie cut, try updating your look by adding layers to the ends of the cut for an edgier appearance. If you have a slightly grown out Pixie, try using a volumizing styling spray to add volume to your hair. 
Don’t let thinning hair hold you back this Holiday season. Get the look you always wanted and restore your confidence with our seamless and undetectable non-surgical hair replacement solutions. Schedule a free hair loss evaluation today and make the first step towards achieving endless styling possibilities.

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