While some people consider hair loss to be an innocuous and natural process, most of the men experiencing it turn into depressed individuals as it affects every aspect of their lives. This not only shatters their confidence but make them socially awkward, which leads them to go to the extent of changing their career paths at some point.

The Biggest Problem With Your Hair Loss

Sadly, the biggest problem with your hair loss is your lack of action! Since it is an issue that requires your immediate attention, taking hair loss for granted leaves most men seeking help when it’s too late. The idea here is to address the situation as soon as you start seeing the signs of baldness. If you see the following symptoms, schedule a visit to see your physician or dermatologist.

  • Gradual thinning on top of the head which starts disrupting  up your hair styling
  • Excessive or sudden onset  of hair loss, which could be  linked to emotional trauma, stress or underlying medical conditions.
  • If you see bald patches or lots of thinning, you may be experiencing hair loss

If you have no family history of hair loss  and can’t find a logical explanation for why this is happening to you, it is always wise to see a dermatologist. Once you are aware of the root cause of your hair loss, it is in your hands to make sure you don’t fall short on doing something about it. There are several ways you can you can be proactive and fight hair loss.


Non-Surgical Hair Loss Solutions

Although you can opt for the surgical methods to address your hair loss concerns, it is considered prudent to go with experienced hair replacement studio for  men’s non-surgical hair replacement systems Columbia SC, as they are non-invasive, painless and highly effective.  Here are some of the most popular non-surgical hair loss solutions that will help you stand out from the crowd.

  • Medication- One of the most common go-to options for non-surgical hair restoration is over the counter medications. Despite the numerous creams, ointments and other medical scalp stimulants, there are only two products that have been approved by the FDA. 
  • Low-Level Laser Therapy- An effective solution for both men and women, this non-invasive method has been used for numerous conditions. The process involves a device containing up to 30 therapeutic soft low-level light lasers which deliver light energy directly to the scalp.The unique laser light penetrates into the scalp in a non-surgical way, where it stimulates the microcirculation and improves cellular metabolism and protein synthesis.
  • Micro-needling – The process of micro-needling involves intentional infliction of wounds which damages the skin. Once the skin starts to recover, the inflammation caused results in the formation of new cells which contain healthy hair follicles that trigger growth.
  • Derma Lens Technology – This breakthrough technology was introduced in recent times, and it guarantees results! The process involves a porous membrane that looks and feels like the scalp. The derma lens Technology is said to be an effective alternative of wigs and hair units that aren’t always natural and cost-effective. This method allows the creation of a front hairline which can be combed and involves no incisions or needles.

Weigh the pros and cons of your available options and just know that early detection of the signs of hair loss will be your best friend in conquering our hair loss concerns. 

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