Flying Wigs and Permanent Hairpieces: Going Against Tradition in Hair Replacement

Everyone who ever grew up around a person who wore a toupee or any hair piece can definitely say that it’s not the last word on hair replacement – and thankfully so. Putting a toupee or wig on every day means waking up early, securing it with adhesives, and hoping that the wind won’t blow too strongly during the day. Indeed, these solutions can sometimes seem more trouble than they’re worth – not to mention, way more expensive than a baseball cap or beanie! Still, people value their looks and self-esteem; as such, they are willing to go through the inconvenience.
Whether it’s genes that are to blame or poor hair care or an inordinate amount of stress that cause it, to lose one’s hair is among the toughest of aesthetic blows. It’s most everyone’s worst nightmare, to see their hair shedding, or falling out in clumps – and, with every bald spot, it often becomes harder to accept your appearance. While there are other remedies and treatments on the market, many are not entirely effective, especially when hair loss is so extensive.  Sometimes, even the most promising treatments just aren’t enough to bring the “glory” back to your crown.

There are now non-removable hair replacement which are unlike wigs. Such hair replacement systems are not so much considered as something you merely wear, as they are a total replacement, remarks Tony HRS. These hair replacement solutions are natural and convenient – taking care of your hair replacement is as normal as caring for your natural hair: you shampoo, condition and comb.

A Cautionary Tale

Lindsey Muller isn’t a popular name, but some circles are probably aware of her condition and what she struggled with. She’s a woman who, from childhood, struggled with a destructive disorder. It started with skin picking, and then it progressed to hair pulling, to the point that Muller had pulled out almost 90-percent of her hair, one strand at a time. It seems hard to believe, but it happened, and it took Muller years to overcome the compulsions that almost utterly destroyed her life.
It’s something to take note of because many people take their hair for granted – until it’s gone. Deal with the situations that are causing your hair to fall, to the best that you can. And, if non-removable hair systems are the solution for you, don’t ignore it.  Fulfilling that need to look in the mirror and find the results pleasing will be well- worth your effort.

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