Mike Ilitch’s death is a tragedy for all sports lovers in America – he was, after all a paragon of the major Detroit teams and a personality not soon to be forgotten by local residents. But, the news of his passing may have struck some people a different way; mainly, because of the pictures the media used to remember the man. In one photo, it would seem like that the entrepreneur and sports mogul’s hair is just crudely glued on. This is attention-getting, to say the least, but unfortunately, not in good way.

Its paints a somewhat bleak picture, in that a billionaire couldn’t find a solution to hair loss, and it’s also a stark reminder that none of us – not even the richest – are exempt from the threat of hair loss. Whether it’s the genes that are at fault or bad hair hygiene, or some other reason, hair loss can afflict anyone – and most everyone does not enjoy it.
Given this reality, there are a number of solutions and treatments in the market, all of which claim to address the problem. Among these, the natural remedies. While these have their own set of advantages, it’s hard to rely on natural hair growth inducers. Whether it will work for you or not, only time will tell; and time is a luxury not everybody can afford.
Even more pressingly, why leave your hair growth to chance when there’s a treatment that offers better, faster, longer lasting results? With non-surgical hair replacement systems, the effect is more immediate and the result is as natural as natural hair can be. More importantly, it could be your best option in re-growing your hair.

A New Head Start
Non-surgical hair replacement lives up to its name; there’s no incision, no blood and no pain. Tony HRS, a leader in non-surgical hair loss systems, applies this innovative contact derma lens-type technique on your head. It’s not a hair piece, and it certainly does not look like one – and the application will be custom to fit your head, for the most natural possible look and feel.
It gets better from there, as maintenance and care are no different from natural hair, really. All you need to do is shampoo, condition and style it like normal hair. In addition, it can take any style that you want.
If you’ve tried all there is to try to regain your crowning glory and haven’t seen the results you crave, non-surgical replacement may be your best shot.
Nonetheless, it’s important to determine what causes hair loss for most people. Awareness is always key to preventing a situation from becoming a full-blown crisis, even when it comes to hair loss.
Iron, zinc, B vitamins, protein, silica and biotin are nutrients necessary for the survival of your hair. The lack of sustenance originates from many things, mainly heavy dieting. Rather than deprive your body of essential nutrients, prepare meal plans that will give your body what it needs; and in order to watch out for your hair health, these are the nutrients that should always be present in your food.
Alopecia Areata
Alopecia is probably the most notorious cause of hair loss. The way hair falls, in spots and in large amounts, leaves unattractive bald patches where there used to be – and should be – hair. While there have been developments in this area completely reversing baldness the natural way is still a far-off dream.
Medically Induced Hair Loss
There’s chemotherapy, which is a potent hair loss cause, but there are many other ways medications and medical treatments can lead to massive hair fall.
These are only few, and there are hundreds of proven causes of hair loss. What you do next is up to you, and now that you’re aware of a non-surgical solution, don’t hesitate to consider it.
Nobody misses their hair until it’s gone, an affliction that both men and women suffer. If it is thinning or hair loss is inevitable, don’t accept defeat just yet. With non-surgical hair replacement systems on the rise, baldness will soon become a bad memory for you.

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