There was a time when baldness was something you learned to live with. It’s no secret that for centuries that men and women have taken desperate measures to conceal baldness and thinning hair. In the 17th century, King Louis XIV and his cousin King Charles started the big wig trend as a solution to conceal hair loss. The trend was met with great enthusiasm.

Thankfully in the twenty-first century, we have learned the root cause of hair loss and have refined hair systems over the years through science and technology. There are now a variety of viable hair loss solutions and non-surgical systems that are technologically advanced and people take pride in wearing.



What is a hair system?
By now you are probably wondering what exactly a hair system is? It is created using synthetic or real human hair into a material like lace to be applied. Next, the base adheres to the person’s head (there are several methods for its attachment). It is then cut and blended, so they are undetectable and look like real hair growing out of your scalp.


What is a hair system made of? Hair systems are commonly made up of mesh fabric or polymers. Mesh Fabric is a polyester or nylon product, and it makes up the hairline as it blends in seamlessly. People often use them in the whole modern system since it provides a very natural look. However, you should note that mesh fabric is not ideal for long-term use.

Polymers are made up of silicone or polyurethane as they give a skin-like appearance.  All those modern hair systems that use polymers are very strong and work for a long time.

What can you do while wearing a hair system? The possibilities are endless with non-surgical hair replacement systems. In fact, you can exercise, swim, shower, cut, style, and color your hair as if it were your own naturally growing hair. In other words, your non-surgical hair replacement system is essentially an extension of you.


Who is the ideal candidate for a hair system?

People with moderate to advanced hair loss have the opportunity to significantly transform their appearance. With a custom hair system, you can match your precise color, texture, density, and curl pattern. In order to address your unique hair loss situation.


What Is Virtual Reality Hair Replacement Systems?

Virtual Reality hair replacement systems consist of a proprietary ultra-thin second-skin-like membrane called “ Dermal lens”. Unlike a traditional hairpiece or wig, the dermal lens becomes an extension of you, rather than something that you take on and off like a wig or a hat.

The dermal lens is a uniquely thin, flexible, second-skin-like surface with natural hair growth patterns. This ultra-thin base adheres seamlessly with no ridges or bumps.  It’s literally undetectable to the human touch. The Virtual Reality custom hair replacement experience is the perfect blend of science, nature, and meticulous expertise of a certified and specially-trained stylist. Resulting in one of the most natural-looking hair replacement solutions for male and female hair loss. This custom hair replacement method has been featured in Hollywood productions, makeovers and is recognized as the leading hair replacement system for men and women’s hair loss.

The Dermal lens method of hair replacement provides instant results of the appearance of natural-looking hair growing out of your scalp. With Virtual Reality custom hair replacement systems you can stop wasting your time, money, and energy on solutions that are not accommodating to your needs and lifestyle. Here’s what you can expect with your Virtual Reality hair replacement transformation:


  • No bump, or ridges
  • Undetectable in any activity
  • Can create short, close to the scalp hairstyles
  • Natural replication of scalp pigment color
  • Can create short, close to the scalp hairstyles
  • Easy self-maintenance and personal styling
  • Unique ability to replicate natural maturing gray
  • All-in-one solution to postpone the appearance of gray hair
  • Any type of hairline, straight, spike, wet, dry, or even combed back

The hair you’ve always wanted is possible with Virtual Reality custom hair replacement provided by Tony’s Hair Replacement Systems. With Virtual Reality and Virtuesse for women you can have a full head of natural hair and the style you want after the first session. Whether you have thick, thin, curly, straight, light, dark, gray, and etc. You can achieve a truly personalized cosmetic hair transformation miracle that will change your outlook on life, restore confidence, and vitality.  It’s never too late for a first impression, take the first step towards a new you, and book a free hair consultation.