A new season has begun with trendy looks in which hair fashion experts have proposed and are thrilled to be working with. With the holidays approaching, there is no greater time to get your grooming tools ready to update your look with unique and fascinating hairstyling trends.
Expect to be thrilled and delighted with new edgier cuts that bring out the most refined and polished version of yourself. It’s time to get blown away with trendier styles that you never even imagined possible with non-surgical hair replacement solutions. Let’s take a look at some of the most inspirational men’s hairstyling trends this upcoming season

The speedy soft parting
Some hair experts also refer to it as the side part. It is suitable for short or medium length hair but a curly hair as a distinct ability to stand out. The sides of the hair can be made longer with the use of scissors or even in some cases a low fade would be suggested. This style is in shorter layers and also texture throughout. It doesn’t have a defined line of parting but rather styled to the side to achieve that look.
It is quite easy to maintain because it doesn’t require a whole lot of high maintenance. There is not much need to blow dry; a towel would equally do the job quite well. Then, of course, there is the use of a good hair product or pomade to keep the hair shiny and neat.

The bleached crop

This style has over the years developed and become more stylish such that it has become one of the hottest styles of this season. Crop haircuts have been known to work for all hair types of hair. After it is styled, it gives it a loose and choppier feeling. These latest versions are more textured and sometimes have asymmetrical fringes. This is one of the hottest styles for men that would like to maintain their hair short overtime. A lot of hairlines portray this as one of the best haircuts for men.
The slick back
This haircut has been trending for so long that even hair experts seem to think this throwback style would never be forgotten and may end up becoming a modern classic. This haircut is suitable for every length of hair, it can be worn long or short, and for better definition, it could be styled with a disconnected undercut or even perhaps a fade on either the side or the back. To make it work better, it is more advisable to first grow mid to long hair so the hair stylist would have something to work with. This style also looks superb on men with beards.

The textured quiff Mohawk
This haircut may require a little bit of more attention than the others, but then it is rated to be one of the coolest haircuts in vogue. It is more of a part Mohawk with some quiff and also part pompadour. A bald fade is featured as it places emphasis on the hair that is left wild and loose on top. To achieve this look and maintain it over time, there is a need for a blow dryer and a brush. Even with the use of the blow dryer, it is super easy to maintain and it remains to be popular among men.

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