In this day and age, looking good is just as important as having a nice and stable lifestyle. Hair plays a very important role in this aspect, and if you are a male over 30 you are no doubt worried about male hair loss. If your hair loss begins at the temples or crown or you have a single bald spot, these are the signs that you are suffering from male pattern baldness. And if you are, you might want to consider some kind of Hair replacement system, surgical or non-surgical.

Here are some of the reasons that you should definitely consider Non-surgical hair replacement:

  • Non-Invasive: Non-surgical means zero chances of any kind of surgical treatment which comes with a whole set of complications like a chance of infection, possible scarring, and anesthetic dangers. Being a non-operative replacement method it saves you from a ton of pain and other such risks.
  • Inexpensive: One of the prime disadvantages of surgical hair replacement is that it costs way too much, as it is an invasive technique, and if you are not satisfied with the results your only option is another treatment which might not be possible. On the other hand, its counterpart costs only a fraction of it and is completely reversible.
  • Limitless Possibilities: This system gives you limitless styling options with different hair colors, length, and even textures and it is compatible with everyone regardless of the cause of the hair loss.
  • Completely Reversible: Unlike hair transplant surgeries this technique is completely reversible. If you had surgery and after a few months of growth you don’t like how your hair turned out there are only a few possible outcomes for you. One of which is another surgical treatment. But if you go for non-surgical method and you don’t like how your hair replacement turned out you can simply undo it by either changing it completely stop using it.
  • Zero Recovery Time: Most non-surgical hair replacement systems requires no downtime  and give instant results. Surgical treatments can require a follow-up period of around 4-6 months with some kind of medication with a chance of it not turning out as great which can extremely disappointing. Whereas non-surgical system comes with instant gratification and zero recovery time.

Balding in men is a natural phenomenon, on average 1 in 2 men suffer from it around the world. And only some of those men opt for hair replacement. If you are thinking of getting a hair replacement, weigh the pros and cons of every available option and make an informed decision.

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