Men and women of all ages will encounter hair loss at some point in their lives. With so many hair loss solutions and systems, it’s easy to invest time and money in solutions that aren’t designed to address your actual hair loss concerns. If you tried various treatment options and simply haven’t been able to regrow your hair, you may want to consider exploring dermal lens hair replacement systems.
What Is Virtual Reality Hair Replacement Systems?
Virtual Reality hair replacement systems consist of a proprietary ultra-thin second skin-like membrane called “ Dermal lens”. Unlike a traditional hairpiece or wig, the dermal lens becomes an extension of you, rather than something that you take on and off like a wig or a hat.
The dermal lens is a uniquely thin, flexible, second skin like surface with natural hair growth patterns. This ultra-thin base adheres seamlessly with no ridges or bumps. It’s literally undetectable to the human touch. The Virtual Reality custom hair replacement experience is the perfect blend of science, nature, and meticulous expertise of a certified and specially-trained stylist. Resulting in one of the most natural looking hair replacement solutions for male and female hair loss. This custom hair replacement method has been featured in Hollywood productions, makeovers and is recognized as the leading hair replacement system for men and women hair loss.
The Dermal lens method of hair replacement provides instant results of the appearance of natural looking hair growing out of your scalp. With Virtual Reality custom hair replacement systems you can stop wasting your time, money, and energy on solutions that are not accommodating to your needs and lifestyle. Here’s what you can expect with your Virtual Reality hair replacement transformation:
● No bump, or ridges
● Undetectable in any activity
● Can create short, close to the scalp hairstyles
● Natural replication of scalp pigment color
● Can create short, close to the scalp hairstyles
● Easy self-maintenance and personal styling
● Unique ability to replicate natural maturing gray
● All-in-one solution to postpone the appearance of gray hair
● Any type of hairline, straight, spike, wet, dry or even combed back
The hair you’ve always wanted is possible with Virtual Reality custom hair replacement provided by Tony’s Hair Replacement Systems. With Virtual Reality and Virtuesse for women you can have a full head of natural hair and the style you want after the first session. Whether you have thick, thin, curly, straight, light, dark, gray, and etc. You can achieve a truly personalized cosmetic hair transformation miracle that will change your outlook on life, restore confidence, and vitality.
Take The First Step Towards A New You
Take the next step towards your non-surgical hair replacement transformation, schedule your free, confidential consultation today. Meet with a trained Virtual Reality Hair Replacement Image consultant and get personalized options tailored for your specific needs, budget, and lifestyle. At Tony’s Hair Replacement Systems, we strive to give you the freedom to conquer your hair loss concerns, by choosing the best solution that fits your needs. With our personalized custom hair replacement options, strategy, and solutions, there is simply no reason to settle for the appearance of bald or thinning hair.
As a certified Virtual Reality Concept Studio, we adhere to the highest standards for expert technical proficiency, artistry, and professionalism. We evaluate your hair growth pattern to determine directional flow, color variations, and ideal placement.
If you are suffering from hair loss, you owe it to yourself to see your dermatologist or primary care physician to rule out any underlying medical reasons contributing to your hair loss. If you’re ready to see what non-surgical hair replacement systems have to offer, contact us to schedule a free consultation. Make today the day that you take the next step towards your sensational look to match your lifestyle or welcome the return of your signature style.

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